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Today Date : Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Concrete Decks washed away by floods at Kodiveri Dam

Concrete Decks washed away by floods at Kodiveri Dam

Concrete decks at Kodiveri Dam were swept away by floods. Concrete floor structure in Kodiveri Dam was constructed across Bhavani River near Gobi.

 As the water gushes here like a waterfall, many tourists come with their families to take a bath every day during holidays and festivals. 

In this situation, steps were taken to prevent loss of life. In the year 2021, on behalf of the tourism development department, at a cost of several lakhs of rupees, the officials laid a concrete floor around 100 meters in the deep places in the lower part of the dam and erected barricades for safe bathing. Following this, tourists were allowed to bathe. 

The concrete floor prevented loss of life and tourists enjoyed bathing in the dam without fear. In this situation, the excess water of 25000 cubic feet that came to Bhavanisagar Dam due to heavy rains in the catchment area a few days ago was completely discharged. 

Due to this there was flood in Kodiveri Dam. In this, the concrete floor of the dam has been completely washed away and there have been pits again. 

Currently there are broken concrete floors and iron rods here and there in the dam. Due to this, tourists are standing on the bank and taking a bath without being able to go down into the dam. 

Following this, the public works department is removing the washed away concrete floors with modern machinery. 

Tourists have  demanded that a concrete platform should be constructed in the area as soon as possible for the benefit of tourists.