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Today Date : Monday, June 17, 2024

Congratulations to minister Muthusamy

Congratulations to minister Muthusamy

Muthuswamy of Erode the Minister for Housing, Urban Development and Prohibition has been
appointed as the Minister in-charge of Coimbatore. The Chief Minister has signed a directive in
this regard.]

Minister Senthil Balaji, who was already in this position, has been released. Even the alternative
parties will not deny that Senthil Balaji is the one who made the big breakthrough by turning
Kongu region into DMK's stronghold when he was in this position. This is seen as his greatest
achievement. Because of him Coimbatore district saw progress in development work.
Senthil Balaji, who is currently resting under the supervision of doctors at Kaveri Hospital after a
heart surgery, continues to be a minister without portfolio. However, he has been released from
that responsibility as it would not be right for him to continue as the minister in charge of
Coimbatore without a portfolio.

Muthusamy, who has been appointed as the Coimbatore District Minister in his place, is simple
and politically experienced; He has earned a reputation with the public over time.
Henceforth, Minister Muthusamy will speed up the projects in coordination with District
Collector of Coimbatore, District Monitoring Officer and officers of all departments. He has
been empowered by the Chief Minister's directive to monitor the delivery of welfare assistance
to the public and to carry out additional emergency duties during natural calamities, epidemics
and other times.

There is no doubt that under the supervision of Muthuswamy, who has been appointed as the
minister in-charge, the development work in Coimbatore district will be carried forward rapidly.
People expect him to pay serious attention to essential needs including road maintenance.
Together with the people of Coimbatore, we welcome and congratulate the responsible minister