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Today Date : Friday, April 19, 2024

Cooking Gas Price:  Progress and Pain!

Cooking Gas Price: Progress and Pain!

With elections of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Telangana, and Mizoram and to  the parliamentary  approaching, Prime Minister Modi has suddenly reduced the price of household gas cylinder  from Rs.1,118.50 to Rs.918.50 in Chennai. Last month (September), there was no change in domestic cylinder prices. They reduced the price of commercial gas cylinder from Rs.157.50 to Rs.166.50.
In this context the federation of oil companies announced the new price list for this month (October). Accordingly, there has been no change in domestic cylinder prices. However, the commercial gas cylinder price has been increased from Rs.203 to Rs.209. Due to this, its price has again peaked. A commercial gas cylinder sold at Rs 1,695 last month in Chennai has been increased by Rs 203 to Rs 1,898.
The rise in cylinder prices for commercial use is shocking. Now the price of the cylinder for commercial use is on the rise again so there is a chance of the commodity prices going up again. Hotels, tea shops etc use this gas cylinder and it is a huge burden for them. Due to this, the price of food items is also likely to rise. The price of commercial cylinder, which has been falling continuously since last July, has again increased dramatically, giving a shock to the small traders.
This price hike is another attack on the small businessmen who are suffering due to the wrong economic policy of the Union Government mainly the GST, demonetization and  COVID 19 Lockdown.
According to oil company officials, the price of crude oil has risen above 90 dollars in the international market. Due to this, the commercial gas cylinder price has been increased. Its price is likely to increase in the coming months as well,' they say. Union government should withdraw this price hike immediately.
The Union BJP government, which hailed the reduction in gas cylinder prices as a major achievement, has hiked the prices again in a single month, more than the reduction. Domestic cooking gas cylinder prices are also poised to go up.
Progress  is a lie; Pain is real!