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Today Date : Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Corpn officials seek  withdrawal of GO 152

Corpn officials seek withdrawal of GO 152

Erode Corporation officials association demanded withdrawal of GO 152.
In this regard,  a petition was  submitted by  the Federation of All Officers Associations President V. Radhakrishnan to Mayor of Erode Corporation on Thursday after staging a demonstration in front of the Erode Corporation. 

He said  due to the GO 152 issued by Municipal Administration Department, 20 types of posts would  be eliminated in all 20 Municipal Corporations in Tamil Nadu. More than 35 thousand posts would be reduced to 3,417 posts. If this ordinance is implemented, most of the daily services for people like drinking water supply, solid waste management, tax collection will be affected. Moreover, the livelihood of the employees currently engaged in these works will also be severely affected. So, the government should take appropriate action to cancel the GO152.