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Today Date : Friday, April 19, 2024

CortevaAgriscience introduces Novlect herbicide for controlling rice weeds

CortevaAgriscience introduces Novlect herbicide for controlling rice weeds

Novlect rice herbicide, a unique combination of Rinskor active, has proven beneficial in effective weed management, particularly in Direct Seeded Rice (DSR). Its advanced formulation allows for easy handling, mixing, and application, making it a distinctive product that performs effectively across variable weather conditions and water management environments. 

Novlect effectively controls weeds resistant to ALS, ACCase, and HPPD inhibitor herbicides. Rice farmer Shankar Nannilam, from Thiruvarur, Tamil Nadu, reported excellent weed control and a clean, healthy rice field after using Novlect. CortevaAgriscience® is committed to providing sustainable and innovative agricultural products to India, offering advanced crop protection technologies to help farmers address challenges and improve productivity.

Novlect, which contains Rinskor active, effectively deters resistance development and controls major weeds, including Leptochloa and Cyperus. CortevaAgriscience is committed to helping farmers adopt sustainable and holistic agronomic practices, ensuring progress for generations to come.