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Today Date : Thursday, July 18, 2024

Court warning! for motorists

Court warning! for motorists

Lately registration number plate on most of the vehicles especially two wheelers is against the motor vehicle rules. It is very difficult to trace the registration numbers of vehicles with these wrong number plates when they commit traffic violations and cause accidents and keep coming to a halt.

According to the Motor Vehicle Act of the Central and State Governments, the number plate should be in the form issued by the government for two-wheelers and four-wheelers.  But against the Motor Vehicle Act, vehicle owners are pasting pictures of their favorite political parties and actors on the number plate and pasting them with stickers. And they have written number according to their wish. It is illegal.

The Madurai branch of the High Court has issued a stern warning order in a case where illegal number plates was ordered to be removed. Also, the number plates of two-wheelers and four-wheelers should contain only the number of the vehicle as per the government regulations. Judges ordered that no writing or image of leaders or actors should be displayed in any other form. The court ordered the  removal of the number boards that violated the rules.

They warned that vehicles violating the rules should be impounded and maximum fines should be imposed. The gist of the court order is that the police should also keep an eye on vehicles with illegal number plates while taking action against those not wearing helmets, driving license & insurance.

No matter what the police do, such crimes do not go down. Motorists should fear that they will not be able to drive illegally if they come out of the house. It can be done by the police through continuous checks. This position must be created. We should respect the government's legal schemes and court orders. Drivers should cooperate with the police by acting according to government regulations!