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Today Date : Thursday, July 25, 2024

COVID-19 resurges  in parts of India, caution advised for prevention

COVID-19 resurges in parts of India, caution advised for prevention

In our country, the corona virus is reemerging in a setting where it has calmed down and decreased significantly. There were 938 corona patients in the nation on the eleventh. The day before yesterday, this had increased to 1,970. 
The number of corona virus cases in Kerala is currently beginning to rise once more. 292 individuals in Kerala were impacted by Corona as of yesterday. There have been three fatalities. A further 2,041 individuals are receiving corona therapy. 
Following Kerala, Karnataka has also seen an increase in corona virus cases. In Karnataka, the corona virus has claimed three lives, and more than sixty years have been treated. It is a mandatory requirement for bus passengers to wear masks.
Despite the rapid spread of corona in the neighboring states of Kerala and Karnataka, the impact in Tamil Nadu is very low. But from the above two states, thousands of people come to Tamilnadu daily. So chances of corona spread are high in Tamil Nadu as well.
The government of Tamil Nadu is making the necessary preparations for that. To prevent a corona infection, people should be aware of their surroundings and ready to take precautions. 
Wearing a face mask is the only way to accomplish that. If nothing else, they ought to occasionally wear face masks and exercise caution when entering crowded areas.
The JN.1 corona virus is spreading quickly. As a result, people who exhibit symptoms should seek appropriate medical attention and isolate themselves. Is it prudent to hold off until you become infected?