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Today Date : Monday, May 27, 2024

CPI leader Mutharasan questions  Modi about his unfulfilled promises

CPI leader Mutharasan questions Modi about his unfulfilled promises

At an election rally in Coimbatore's Sulur Kannampalayam area in support of DMK candidate Ganapathi Rajkumar for the Coimbatore parliamentary constituency, Communist Party of India (CPI) State Secretary Mutharasan addressed the crowd, questioning Prime Minister Modi's unfulfilled promises.
Mutharasan urged people to vote for the I.N.D.I Alliance to safeguard India from what he described as a critical situation under Prime Minister Modi's leadership, likening his regime to that of fascist dictators like Hitler and Mussolini. He criticised Modi for failing to deliver on promises such as creating jobs for 2 crore youths, recovering black money, and depositing 15 lakhs into each bank account. Mutharasan also questioned Modi's actions regarding the Kachchatheevu issue with Sri Lanka during his 10-year tenure, accusing him of neglecting the matter.
Mutharasan condemned BJP candidate Annamalai's remarks about protests against the imposition of Hindi language, calling them low-level acts. He praised Chief Minister Stalin's efforts in highlighting schemes benefiting the people and criticised Modi for attempting to divert attention from his own record. Mutharasan also criticised the BJP's historical involvement in India's freedom struggle, asserting that only two members, Vajpayee and Savarkar, were actively involved. He highlighted how they were swiftly released from jail after writing apology letters during the freedom movement.
Finally, Mutharasan criticised Annamalai's statement predicting the demise of AIADMK after the elections and Modi's assertion that there would be no opposition parties like Congress and DMK in India, describing it as detrimental to democracy. 
He accused the BJP of attempting to eliminate opposition parties and create a one-party dominant system.