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Today Date : Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Criminals must be punished

Criminals must be punished

There were times when even if a person is charged with a simple crime and gets arrested the whole village to which the accused belongs would look down upon him. But today criminals walk away like heroes having been accused even in big crimes. 

Would such people care about law and imprisonment? Human rights and humanism are needed only for humans. Are they required for those who do not qualify to be humans and be treated as humans? This is the question posed by ordinary people.

There are hundreds of persons sentenced to life inside Indian prisons. Besides declaring punishments, the punishments must be delivered soon. Because as long as there is a thinking that one can be free after committing a crime, crimes will only increase.

Hence punishment must be given to the crime committed. Is it not the need of the hour that criminals should bear the punishment they deserve?