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Today Date : Sunday, May 26, 2024

Danaikkankottai visible in Bavanisagar dam

Danaikkankottai visible in Bavanisagar dam

The 600-year-old Danaikkan Fort, Madhavaraya Perumal, Someswarar and Mangalambhikai Temples in the Bhavanisagar Dam Reservoir area in Erode District were visible following depletion of water in the dam. 

These temples were worshipping places for the people living in the area before construction of the dam. When the dam construction work was started, the villagers living in the reservoir area settled in Bhavanisagar area. They brought the idols from the temple and consecrated it by building a temple on the banks of the Kizbhavani channel at Bhavanisagar. 

After the completion of the construction work of the dam in 1955, the temples and halls built entirely of stone were submerged in the dam water. Over time it began to disintegrate. When the dam water level falls below 50 feet out of 105 ft, Danaikkankottai Madhavaraya Perumal Temple, Someswarar and Mangalamphikai Temples are visible outside.

 In 2018, when the water level went down, these temples became visible. After that the temples were not visible as the water level did not recede for 6 years. Now the water level has fallen to 46 feet and the Danaikan Fort, Madhavaraya Perumal temple is completely visible. 

As Bhavanisagar Dam is a protected area, public access to the dam and reservoir area is prohibited.  In this case, some people secretly went to the Madhavaraya Perumal temple and took a video and posted it on social media. Some people also go to the area to drink alcohol. Following this, a warning banner has been put up in the area on behalf of the Water Resources Department officials.

 Ferry owners are not allowed to carry visitors in Parisal and mechanical boat to Danaikkankottai Fort. They have warned that strict legal action will be taken against them. Due to depletion of water level in the dam, drinking water shortage will surface in the district, many feared.