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Today Date : Monday, June 17, 2024

Daughter turns organ donor, helps critically ill father survive

Daughter turns organ donor, helps critically ill father survive

Sixty three-year-old person who was suffering from symptoms of liver ailments like fatigue, loss of appetite, and nausea since many years visited Fortis Hospital in a critical condition. Diagnosed with end stage liver cirrhosis, Dr. Swati Raju, Transplant Hepatologist, Fortis Vadapalani was evaluated and reports revealed that the liver function was deranged and liver transplant was recommended as the only option for survival.

Dr. Sugi Subramaniam - Liver Transplant Surgeon identified  the youngest daughter of the patient who was 33 years old and mother of two children as the donor. Dr. Puneet Dargan, Senior Consultant – Liver Transplant Surgeon said, “the team of experts from Fortis Vadapalani, led by Dr. Vivek Vij, operated for 8 hours and successfully transplanted the liver. The patient and donor were then transferred to the dedicated Liver ICU, under the supervision of the Critical Care Liver Team, led by Dr.Tanuja Mallik, Head of Anesthesiology & Critical Care.

" My health and quality of life now has improved significantly compared to   how I had been feeling in the last few years’, said the patient.