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Today Date : Sunday, June 23, 2024

Dear Mr. R.N Ravi this does not seem good for Governorship

Dear Mr. R.N Ravi this does not seem good for Governorship

The principles of "social justice, self-respect, inclusive development, equality, women's rights, religious harmony, and embracing diversity" are the foundations of this government, which was given as the 65th point by the Government of Tamil Nadu to be read by the Governor R.N Ravi in the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly.

The governor avoided reading the paragraph which mentioned, "The government is providing a Dravidian model of governance following the principles and theories of great leaders like ThandhaiPeriyar, Dr. Ambedkar, PerundhalaivarKamaraj, Perarignar Anna and Muthamil scholar Kalaignar".

Parties including Congress, Communist Party and VKC are strongly condemning this violation of legislature convention by the Governor. And after the Governor's speech, Chief Minister M.K. Stalin proposed a resolution in the Legislative Assembly that the Governor's speech should be deleted from the record despite what was printed. It was passed unanimously.

Earlier, Governor R.N Ravi got up from his seat and walked out of the House before the end of the legislative session and that too before the playing of the National Anthem, causing a stir in Tamil Nadu. This action of the governor drove  not only political parties but also the people to  t question, “ Is this your patriotism?”

Generally, it is the opposition parties that walk out based on policy like this, but for the first time in the 70-year history of the legislature after independence, a governor walked out of the assembly halfway through and ignored the national anthem. The people of Tamil Nadu would not have expected that the first day of the first assembly session of the new year 2023 would be like this.

If you say that Governor R.N Ravi is the main reason for the chaos in the House, anyone with a conscience will agree without political bias. In other words, there have been criticisms that the draft of the Governor's speech has defeated the very purpose of sending it to the Governor's House in advance. Questions have also arisen whether is right for the high position he holds? Following this, the hashtagdemanding that the Governor should leave is also trending on Twitter. Governor R.N Ravi, resignation will be more honorable!