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Today Date : Wednesday, May 22, 2024

DGP Sylendra Babu warns of Online fradulance

DGP Sylendra Babu warns of Online fradulance

Tamil Nadu DGP Sylendra Babu released an awareness video after a fradulants had used his name and sent a message on social media platforms. In the video, the DGP said, “A new type of fraud is taking place in the state now.

 The miscreants introduce themselves as the district collector, DGP or other higher officials, and demand you to purchase a coupon from Amazon, claiming to be struck in a meeting. The value of the coupon would be Rs 10,000 and they will assure you to return it at the earliest. If you say you do not know how to purchase the coupon, they will send you the link. 

The link will ask you to purchase upto 50 coupons, spending Rs 5 lakh. By the time you realize that you are being cheated by miscreants, you would have lost a huge sum.” 

The DGP has asked the public to register such complaints with the control room by dialling number 100 and 112 or in the police helpling application. “This type of fraudulence is called ‘pass scam’. No genuine official would demand money from the public. When someone asks for money, it is a type of fraud,” he added.