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Today Date : Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Discipline base for  education growth of kids

Discipline base for education growth of kids

As discipline is the base for any human being,  parents should  focus on it much, advised Olirum Erode Foundation (NGO) president and Agni Steels chairman C Chinnasamy at the graduation day ceremony of Kongu Kalvi Nilayam. 

Citing the recent undisciplined activities of school students in some areas and DGP Sylendrababu's advice to them,  he appealed to the parents to nurture discipline in their mind more which could automatically help them to become an erudite person and come  up in life in all fields.  

There is no benefit to the society and parents, if a student is an undisciplined one, he noted.  School Correspondent K Selvaraj and many others attended.