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Today Date : Wednesday, July 17, 2024

DMK allies oppose Governor  for political reasons: VHP

DMK allies oppose Governor for political reasons: VHP

DMK and its allies are opposing Governor RN Ravi for political reasons, Vishwa Hindu Parishad All India Joint Secretary G Stanumalayan said after a meeting of the Parishad's executives at Erode on Thursday.
In a press meet, he said the SC has said that Hindu dharma is a way of life. So, Governor's speech on such dharma is not against Constitution. Sunce his name was announced as Giveenor, they were opposing him. A few days back TN Assembly Speaker Appavu praised Christians for the developments. Many ministers said that they have come to power because of minority votes. Is this not against the Constitution? They are stirring up the Governor to distract people from various problems, he noted.

Their opposing 10 percent quota for poor is also not justifiable.The quota would help Christians and Muslims also who also have FC and BC categories. Some who get quota benefit send their children to study in London.  In fact, Ambedkar said reservation should be reviewed after ten years.  If need be the income limit of Rs 8 lakhs per annum under the 10 percent quota should be reduced.

He also rejected DMK allies view that RSS was following Manusmirthi. If you point out many things that Periyar has written in the past in Viduthalai, whether the present people would accept it. Similarly Manusmriti was many years old. Hindu religion has many Smritis. One is Manusmirti. All such old things are not acceptable. Those who say that Manusmirthi is the policy of RSS, can come for open debate with me, he said.
Opposing HR and CE minister's views on Chidambaram temple, he said Hindu temples were built by the kings and protected by the mutts and people.

In 1911 alone, British  brought the temples were brought under the government. The Chidambaram temple has been maintained by Dikshithars for thousands of years and the Supreme Court has already ruled in their favour. If there are any flaws, the government can interview. But, those who speak atheism and secularism have no role to manage temples.  Let the government hand over temples to devotees. 

It is not true that all lands belonging to the temples  worth Rs 2300 crores has been recovered. The leasehold of the land was alone changed. Even now, the lands were not recovered in many temples.  In Erode itself, government was not able to recover Periyamariamman temple land. In many areas temple lands were used to build government offices. But, Wakf properties were not used in such a manner. 

Kumbabishekam and renovation workd were done by devotees alone. But, the HR and CE department did nothing to protect temples. Rather, it started melting temple jewels.  As a trial, the government can hand over 10 temples in a town to the devotees. Those who speak anti-Hindu policy and secularism should quit temples, he said.