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Today Date : Saturday, April 20, 2024

DMK leader's plea to withdraw LBP modernization plan

DMK leader's plea to withdraw LBP modernization plan

DMK environment wing state secretary and managing trustee of Kangayam cattle research centre Karthikeya Sivasenapathy, urged the government to withdraw the Lower Bhavani Project canal concretisation project  and assured to represent to the CM in this regard shortly. 

Addressing the farmers convention against the project, arranged by many farmers associations at Perundurai on Sunday, he said nearly 10 years back, he spoke in similar meeting and at that time, the project was dropped due to farmers strong resistance to concretise the entire canal.

At that time itself, he cited various global issues arose out of similar projects,  climate change to be caused due to felling down of trees and arresting of seepage and percolation of water into the earth under the project, which could cause drinking  water shortage in many villages and hit farm activities, etc.

 But, PWD officials were firm on concretisation of canal in the name of ensuring water to tail end areas of the canal and conserve water. He is getting water for his lands in tail end area. But, unfortunately, the project was again thrusted  on ryots who opposed it. It would not only hit the ayacutdars but also non-ayacutdars fully.    The main reason for it the ryots getting benefit out of the dam did not respect and honor late MLA MA Eswaran who brought LBP project.  If they respect and celebrate him unitedly at least once in a year,  the government could have heard the views of them on the project. Now,  we used Eswaran's picture only if there is some crisis to us in the LBP, he noted.  Only after the dam was constructed in 1950s,  the ryots came up economically and their children got good education and jobs.  The late CM Karunanidhi offered BC status to Vellala Gounders and exclusive quota for Arunthathiyars which also helped them to come up in life in the region. If the plan is carried out  all of them would suffer much, he cautioned. There is an objection that the ryots of right  bank (non ayacut) of the canal are using canal water.  If they didn't give land in those days,  the canal itself could not have been dug.  They were all nothing but our close relatives only.  So, opposing them by insisting the plan is not good. Only 4 persons in the name of their ryots  associations supported it to enrich themselves out of it, he pointed out 

When the CM visited Kangeyam area for poll campaign, he assured that the project would be carried out only after hearing ryots views following ryots plea against the project. At that time itself, he spoke against the project to him, while some DMK leaders cited the DMK poll manifesto in 2016 assembly poll promising to carry out the project.  But,  CM told them that the DMK did not win in that poll,  indicating people rejected the manifesto. So,  he would insist the CM to drop the project citing the strong opposition to concertisation  plan. 
 If he didn't inform the facts to the CM, CM himself would ask why he didn't inform the facts to him in advance to check ryots stir. In a farmers meeting held after the DMK came to power at the Collectorate on the project itself, he spoke against it, by sitting along with ryots opposing the project despite he held a post in ruling DMK. 

Ancient Tamil literatures said Dharmam would relate to individuals but Aram relate to entire society.  If he is selfish,  he can support the project.  But,  he wants to protect the interest of ryots and drinking water needs of entire people of Erode,   Tirupur and Karur districts.  His party wants to protect the rights of the State and under that policy alone,  he wants to protect the rights of people of 3 districts.  So,  nothing wrong in his stand and he would always support the ryots opposing the project. 

He said Kallanai and its earthern canals were constructed nearly 2000 years back. They were still strong as water would normally strengthen earthern bunds over the years.  The LBP dam and canal were built just 55 years back. So, how can they become weak now, as said by officials who want to carry out the conversation plan,  he asked.  He said in the issue, the local housing minister S Muthusamy should be thanked fully as he stood in favour of ryots and declared openly in the Assembly that the plan could not be carried out by coersing and harassing ryots of the district. 

Farmers associations leaders C Nallasamy, Murungathozhuvu Ravi, Sudantararasu, EVK Shanmugam, Venkatachalam, Sengottaiyan and many others spoke.