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Today Date : Thursday, June 20, 2024

Success from failure to the opposition parties

Success from failure to the opposition parties

In Manipur, since last May, violence between two communities has turned into a riot. More than 150 people died in this violence. Many women were sexually harassed.
The opposition parties have been demanding that Prime Minister Modi should give an explanation on this issue of Manipur in the monsoon session of the Parliament which started on July 20, and that a detailed discussion should be held in the Parliament.

But as Parliament did not allow a detailed debate, the opposition parties moved a no-confidence motion against the central government on the Manipur issue with no other option to summon the Prime Minister to the Lok Sabha. The debate on this resolution started yesterday (August 8) and continued till yesterday.

Congress MP Rahul Gandhi spoke on the motion of no confidence yesterday. While speaking, he said, PM Modi did not consider Manipur as a part of India. He did not go there in person. BJP has killed India in Manipur incident. They killed Bharat Mata. He leveled various wild accusations against the BJP as traitors. Due to this, the Lok Sabha was very noisy yesterday.

With the debate over, Prime Minister Modi is going to give an explanation on the no-confidence motion today. After Prime Minister Modi's response today, the no-confidence motion will be passed by voice vote.
It is already a foregone conclusion that the no-confidence motion will not be passed anyway as the BJP has a large number of pro-BJP MPs. However, the objective of the opposition parties that the Prime Minister should give an explanation about the Manipur issue has been fulfilled. Why did they bring a no-confidence motion?
Yesterday, Amit Shah said in the Lok Sabha that the Prime Minister works for 17 hours a day. If you have worked 1360 hours in the last 80 days and you have not been able to quell the Manipur riots, then you have lost your right to rule. The resolution of no confidence is right!'  This is a great post by Su.Venkatesan MP.So, even if the no-confidence motion is lost, it will not be too much if it is a Himalayan victory for the opposition parties. They turned defeat into victory.
What next?
We have to wait for the 2024 election result!