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Today Date : Sunday, April 21, 2024

EPS flays Govt stand on banning Online Rummy

EPS flays Govt stand on banning Online Rummy

Former CM Edapadi K Palaniswamy ridiculed government stand of seeking public view on banning online rummy gambling firms which snatched many lives and assets of public.

Addressing public at a reception offered by AIADMK functionaries at Perundurai on Monday afternoon, he said over Rs 20,000 crores have changed hands from such firms so that even after justice Chandru recommended to ban them. 

His rule banned them but the present rule did not handle the suit filed by the firms and the HC itself suggested new Act to ban them. Now,  the DMK rule sought public view to ban online rummy. Perhaps, it is the only rule in the world which seeks public view to wipe out an application evil, he ridiculed. 

Now, there is a regime that thinks only about its family and does not think about people. Many election promises have not been fulfilled even after 14 months, including monthly payment of Rs 1,000 per month to women head of family, waiver of education loan, hike in old age pension (OAP), Rs 100 subsidy  for gas cylinder, subsidy of Rs 5 and Rs 4 per the litre for petrol and diesel respectively.

 Now, many good schemes of AIADMK were cancelled and OAP of many was cancelled. Though  25 states reduced the price of petrol and diesel after the Centre reduced the price, DMK rule did not reduce the price.

 His rule initiated Rs 1600 cr Athikadavu Avinasi project and planned to complete it by last March and thus fill up over 1000 ponds in Erode, Coimbatore and Tirupur districts as per the 60 year old dream of ryots. But, now, the work was going on at snail's pace. 

So, huge quantity of surplus water of Bavanisagar dam drained in the sea causing pain in the mind of ryots. His rule opened 2000 Amma mini clinics. 

But the DMK rule closed them affecting poor people much. His rule offered 3 phase power round the clock to ryots to protect them. But now no such supply was made. 

Rather 2 lakh paddy bags of them were left damaged in rain leading to huge loss of taxpayers money. AIADMK rule offered 52 lakh laptops to students but now such scheme was also stopped. His rule planned to provide houses to all SCs. But, now, it was also stopped. 

He said once the AIADMK comes to power, it would revive all good schemes and help SC, ST and all downtrodden people to get many good schemes to come up in life, he assured.

 Former ministers KA Sengottaiyan, KC Karupanan, KV Ramalingam, MLAs Jayakumar, Bannari and many others attended the function.