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Today Date : Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Erode students enter  Nobel World Record Book

Erode students enter Nobel World Record Book

Two girl students from Erode set a new world record by performing silambam nunjack for 1.20 hours non stop and entered into the Nobel Book of Records by spinning the Nunzak for 1.20 hours non-stop. The Erode District Silambatta Association and the Buddha Silambatta Trust jointly organized the Nobel World Record event in Erode yesterday. 

 In this, Diksha Shakti in the 10-year-old category and Siviksha Shakti in the 7-year-old category participated and rotated the silambam and nunjack incessantly.  Student Siviksha Shakti clocked 1 hour 5 minutes 6 seconds (1.05.06) and Diksha Shakti clocked 1 hour 20 minutes 3 seconds (1.20.03) to enter the Nobel World Record Book.  Following this, the Chief Officer of the Nobel World Record, State Referee Durairaj presented the certificate and medal for Nobel World Record achievement to the students.  The event was presided over by URC Devaraj, President of Silambatta Kazhakam. 

 Agni Steel Directors Chinnachamy, Thangavel, Rajamani Chinnachamy, parents of the students Shakthi Ganesh, Deepa, Green Built Director Balu, Priya, TIPS School Director Sivakumar, VV National Director Senthil Murugan, and Erode District Silambatta Club Secretary and student coach Kandavel were among those present.  . Students Diksha Shakti and Siviksha Shakti  were awarded the Nobel Book of World Record  certificate and medal.