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Today Date : Friday, July 12, 2024

Exclusive ward initiatives ignite Salem Corporation council meet; AIADMK Councilors minimally engage

Exclusive ward initiatives ignite Salem Corporation council meet; AIADMK Councilors minimally engage

At the Salem Corporation Council meeting presided over by Mayor Ramachandran on Monday, discussions were sparked off by various councilors urging for exclusive initiatives for the problems within their wards. Commissioner (in-charge) Ashokumar and Deputy Mayor Saradadevi were among those present.

Councillor Imayavaramban (VCK) raised an issue pertaining to a discriminatory policy at a marriage hall in Ammapet zone where dalts were not allowed to conduct marriages, calling for an investigation. Additionally, he advocated for a dedicated marriage hall for scheduled caste individuals within his ward, setting a tone for social inclusivity.

Suhasini (DMK) highlighted the urgency of completing construction in Nehru Nagar, Gandhi Nagar area, urging swift action from the slum conversion board and seeking intervention from the Housing Exchange Board.

Deivalingam (DMK) commended the Corporation's progress on health-related projects but emphasized the need for proactive execution, urging the newly arrived Supervising Engineer to enhance project efficiency.

Thirugnanam (DMK) addressed the ongoing restoration work at Kumaragiri lake, emphasizing the need to rectify water stagnation issues caused by the Ramanathapuram stream. He also advocated for the installation of a gas crematorium in the ward.

Murthy (DMK) focused on educational accessibility, proposing the relocation of parts of schools in the ward to nearby facilities for the convenience of residents.

Easan Ilango (DMK) lauded the Corporation's health initiatives but stressed the necessity of community awareness to promote a garbage-free city. He proposed the installation of CCTV cameras in urban health centers and advocated for better monitoring of cleaning vehicles through GPS applications.

Palanichami (DMK) highlighted water accumulation concerns in Manianur area and advocated for legal action to address dog-related accidents plaguing the region.

Saravanan (DMK) called for expanded road infrastructure between the 56th and 45th ward, emphasizing the need for improved connectivity.