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Today Date : Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Expenditure observes monitor election candidates in Coimbatore

Expenditure observes monitor election candidates in Coimbatore

Expenditure observers, including Geetu Padolibai and Ume Fardina Adil for Coimbatore, and Ashish Kumar and Saurabh Kumar Roy for Pollachi, organised a consultation meeting to monitor the spending by candidates at the Coimbatore collector office on Thursday.

The Election Commission has laid out various rules to be followed by political parties and candidates in preparation for the Lok Sabha elections. Each constituency has been assigned officers to monitor the activities of political parties.

Election campaigns, meetings, posters, banners, and tools used for campaigning are all under the scrutiny of the video monitoring squad. The spending patterns of the candidates are also under surveillance. Expenditure observers instructed flying squads and special teams to update reports regarding the expenditure and actions of the candidates leading up to the elections.

Coimbatore District Collector Kranthi Kumar Pati, Coimbatore Police Commissioner Balakrishnan, Coimbatore Superintendent of Police Badrinarayanan, and other government officers were present during the event.