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Today Date : Thursday, May 23, 2024

Experts emphasize Pneumococcal vaccine amongst elderly on World Immunization Week

Experts emphasize Pneumococcal vaccine amongst elderly on World Immunization Week

Adult Immunization is also the need of the hour and it is neccessary to get the medical community active and taking necessary precautions for certain adults, such as elderly people and people with underlying diseases (Lung diseases, Diabetes, Hypertension, Kidney diseases, etc. )who are vulnerable to infections that can be effectively prevented by vaccines would increase the life expectancy. 

This helps to avoid worsening the existing diseases, avoid unnecessary hospitalizations and help people live their life doing things they love to do. Post Covid-19, the faith in vaccines has increased, and substantial improvements and increments in adult vaccination are essential to protect the vulnerable age group, people suffering from severe diseases, to reduce health consequences.

We need to create awareness about vaccines for both infants and adults. Although the awareness is increasing with the passing year, there is still a considerable gap to cover. Dr Subramanian Swaminathan, Infectious Disease Specialist at Global Hospitals, shared, “Post Covid-19, the success rate of vaccines has been established, but what has also come to light is that with age, immunity reduces, and those people suffering from severe diseases would need the most protection. Pneumonia and Influenza vaccines have the highest benefit when taken timely. 

Pediatric vaccination is like second nature and is also promoted by the Government. However , it needs to be recognized as a threat for adult immunization, and awareness needs to be created around this topic.” 
World Immunization Week 2022 theme focuses on long life for all - promoting vaccination usage by all ages to protect against diseases.