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Today Date : Wednesday, May 22, 2024

False  propaganda against Gandhi

False propaganda against Gandhi

The most prominent among the leaders who led the struggle for India's freedom is Mahatma Gandhi because he successfully carried out the non-violent mode of struggle and got us independence from the British rule.
We call him fondly as the father of the nation and Mahatma. To honour him all Indian currency notes bear his image.

For more than 50 years this tradition is in vogue. But now news has spread in the social media that the Reserve Bank is thinking of printing the image of some other leader. The news has shocked patriotic citizens.

The Reserve Bank has however clarified that there would be no change in the currency notes. The Reserve Bank's unequivocal statement that there will be no change  has come as big relief
The discussion should now shift  on finding who instigated the spread of false news that Mahatma Gandhi's image is being removed from the currency notes. The persons behind this sensitive issue must be found and brought to book. If not this kind of fake news that could cause negative ripples across the country will continue to be spread. Responding to them will become a major work for the government departments and officials.
This has to be stopped.