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Today Date : Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Farmers demand repair works in LBP Canal

Farmers demand repair works in LBP Canal

Farmers have demanded repair works in Lower Bavani Project ( LBP) canal as there has been a breach in it for the 3rd time in one year. LBP ayacut ryots association president S. Periyasamy, secretary K. V. Ponnaiyan and secretary of the LBP Irrigation Farmers Federation I. Easwaramurthy said the culvert of the branch canal collapsed on Sunday morning near Senpagapudur, near Sathy, at the 6th mile from the dam on the main canal. 

Due to this, a huge crack has occurred on the bank of the canal and the water is leaking out through the crack. Because of this release of water from the dam has been stopped.  According to water resources officials, it may take a week to repair the broken canal. An area of ​​more than 50,000 acres of paddy has been planted in the keezh bhavani irrigation area. If water is not available for a week, the paddy crop will be severely affected.

Insects like termites can damage crops. Farmers who have spent more than Rs.25,000 per acre and planted paddy will not be able to save their paddy crop. So, they are in distress. This is the third such breach in this irrigation season. A few days after the water was released, there was heavy damage to the banks at two consecutive places near Vavikkadai. It was repaired by the water resources department in a fierce struggle.

It has been continuously commenting that the canal has completely lost its efficiency. So, the government announced Rs 710 crores due renovation project in the canal. While 13 percent work has been done, the renovation work has been stalled for two years due to the opposition of some people.

The Ministry of Water Resources held a meeting in July to discuss this issue. There was no compliance. In this context, a case was filed in the High Court on behalf of the farmers of Ayakat that the renovation work should be done as per the GO.  The contractors also filed a case in the High Court to provide adequate security for the execution. In the case filed by the contractors, the High Court has ordered that the contract period should be extended and the repair work of the canal  should be completed as per schedule by giving due security. 

If the water resources department has done the work as planned, this severe crisis that is occurring during the irrigation season would not have happened. I So, the Government should implement the High Court order and immediately carry out the renovation work and protect the Keezhbhavani irrigation system, they pleaded.