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Today Date : Friday, July 19, 2024

Final warning to Annamalai

Final warning to Annamalai

Annamalai, the head of the state for the BJP is following a strategy of talking in such a way as to cause unnecessary controversy.  After graduating up to IPS, he became popular in the media by talking as much as he could, knowing that there was not an iota of truth in what he was saying. Many people who were in the BJP are leaving in the wake of obscene video and audio controversy complaints. 

Recently, Annamalai took action against Gayatri Raghuram, who was an important member of the BJP, and was suspended from the party. Gayatri Raghuram announced that she would leave the party saying that the women of her own party were not protected by the people in the party.

In this situation, in a press conference held yesterday at the Tamil Nadu BJP head office, journalists raised questions to Annamalai about various issues including the allegations made regarding Raphael Watch Bill and Gayatri Raghuram. It was a shock when we saw Annamalai speaking in a threatening tone to the journalists without being able to give a direct answer to it. He has spoken very poorly of the journalist.

The Chennai Journalists Club has strongly condemned Annamalai for denigrating the media by constantly defaming journalists. In this regard, the Chennai Press Club has issued a statement pointing out that the  Tamil Nadu BJP president Annamalai in a press conference at the state headquarters was unable to face the reporter's question and  lost his composure. He looked at the reporter and started asking,” which media are you from?,” and spoke in a way that questioned the motive behind the reporter's question.
A leader can remain silent if he cannot face the question.

On the other hand, it is not healthy to ask which media the interviewer was and slander about the work of gathering news. This does not augur well to a party leader. Chennai Journalists Forum strongly condemns this bad attitude and intimidation.

Annamalai, who is growing in politics, should learn to tolerate and maintain a polite and civilized relationship with the media, the Chennai Press Club has said registering its condemnation.

It is not acceptable for a political party leader to have Annamalai's routine rude behavior at press conferences. Therefore, Annamalai should publicly apologize for his rude behavior towards the journalists during yesterday's press conference. The final request of the journalists is that Annamalai should  abandon his attitude of conflict trend in the future, even if they do not apologize; Warning!