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Today Date : Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Following Karnataka, Congress to win in  MP too?

Following Karnataka, Congress to win in MP too?

Assembly elections were held in the state of Madhya Pradesh in 2018. Congress won 114 seats, BJP 109 seats, Bahujan Samaj Party 2 seats, Samajwadi Party 1 seat and Independents 4 seats. Subsequently, the Congress party took over the government with the support of the independents. Kamal Nath took over as Chief Minister.

A year later, the Congress government was toppled and there was a change of government because those who had supported the Congress party withdrew. After this, the BJP seized  power. 
Shivraj Singh Chauhan became the Chief Minister. Now there is BJP rule in Madhya Pradesh. It is in this context that the Madhya Pradesh assembly elections are going to be held in November this year. 
The Congress and BJP parties have started field work seriously to win the upcoming assembly elections as the parliamentary elections are going to be held next year.
Meanwhile, a pre-election survey has been conducted by the organization 'Small Box India'.

According to this poll, the Congress party will win in 124 to 135 constituencies. 
According to this survey, the Congress party can win more seats than the majority, as 116 seats are required to form the government here. The Congress party is excited by this while this has shocked the BJP.
It is also reported that other than Congress and BJP, others will win between 14 and 17 seats. It is also reported that the Congress party will get 44 percent of the votes in this election and come to power.
In the recently concluded Karnataka elections, the Congress has wrested power from the BJP, and the opinion poll that has been published in connection with the Madhya Pradesh assembly elections is a source of inspiration for the Congress party and a shock for the BJP.
But we do not know whom the voters are going to shock. Let's wait and see!