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Today Date : Sunday, June 23, 2024

Free programs,will Modi oppose?

Free programs,will Modi oppose?

Telangana is ruled by the PRS party. Chandrasekhar Rao is the Chief Minister. Assembly elections are going to be held in the state of Telangana at the end of this year. PRS, Congress and BJP parties are preparing for this election in full swing.

Against this background, the 2-day meeting of the working committee of the Congress party was held in Telangana. Congress National President Mallikarjuna Kharge, former Congress President Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and many other senior leaders participated in the public meeting that followed.
Kharge and Sonia announced 6 guarantee schemes in this meeting. 

Accordingly, the first plan was that when the Congress came to power, it was announced that Rs.2,500 per month would be given to the heads of families. Secondly, it was announced that all women can travel in government buses for free, and thirdly, cooking gas cylinders will be provided for Rs.500.
Apart from this, it was informed that 200 units of electricity per month will be provided free of charge as a 4th scheme. 

As the 5th scheme, it was announced that farmers and tenant farmers will be given Rs.15 thousand per year. It has been announced that Vidya Barosa cards worth Rs.5 lakh will be given to students studying in the 6th scheme. These are all free programs that improve people's lives.
In the assembly elections in Tamil Nadu, DMK announced that the heads of families will be given Rs.1000 per month. The project was delayed due to financial crisis and has now come into effect. Following this scheme, the Congress party won the election and came to power by announcing that Rs.2000 per month will be given to the heads of families in Karnataka. That plan is being implemented there.
In the same way, the Congress party has attracted the voters by announcing that it will give Rs.2500 per month to the daughter under the Congress rule in Telangana. What does all this show? The Dravidian model regime led by M.K. Stalin in Tamil Nadu guided the capture of power in the southern states; The guide also comes. In the northern states too, the situation is emerging that the government can be captured only if the people's welfare programs of the Dravidian model government are given as election promises.

The Prime Minister has avoided criticizing free schemes after the Karnataka election debacle, though he criticized them harshly during the last elections. Can the BJP, which opposes public welfare programs as free, continue to say that according to its policy, ``there should be no free schemes''? Will you be willing to campaign without taking forward such projects?
What will PM Modi's campaign look like in the upcoming assembly elections? Looking for free schemes? Let's wait and see!