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Today Date : Friday, April 19, 2024

Freedom fighter  Ondiveeran remembered

Freedom fighter Ondiveeran remembered

Jai Bhim People's Party state founder president AA Arivazhagan garlanded the statue of freedom fighter Ondiveeran at his memorial on his  251st Memorial Day on August 20 inTirunelveli District. He said ''the memorial is located approximately 10 km north-east from Sankarankovil and about 5 km from Vasudevanallur. Today, the place is known as "Nelkatan Cheval", "Nelkatum Chevvayale" was then called "Nelkatum Chevvayal" Zameen or Palayam. 

During the rule of Pandyas, the kingdom  was divided into 52  sections. Then, the Southern area was divided into 72 palayams during Naikkar rule. Among them, 56 palayams have Telugu native speakers and 16 have Tamil native speakers. The 16 palayams were ruled by ''Mamannar Ondiveeran" who was the first to fight against the British, he lauded.