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Today Date : Monday, May 20, 2024

Get ready to learn medical education in Tamil

Get ready to learn medical education in Tamil

Union Home Minister Amit Shah launched MBBS medical course in Hindi for the first time in India on October 16. Amit Shah also published the first year medical books translated into Hindi. Following Madhya Pradesh, steps are being taken to teach medical courses in Hindi in Uttar Pradesh as well, said Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath.Similarly, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M. K. Stalin's government has also announced that the Tamil Nadu Medical School (MBPS) will be started soon in Chennai.

 The Tamilnadu Textbook Institute has undertaken the translation work so that the textbooks of the medical college should be in Tamil language. Three medical professors have been working on translating English medical books into Tamil for the past one year.

But, MBBS is not a basic degree course. Physicians must learn to use all of the knowledge in life-threatening situations. Doctors should follow the medical journals, guidelines and regulations of WHO (World Health Organization), UNICEF etc.All their publications are in English only. If they study medicine in Hindi or Tamil, can they go out of India for further study or research? Suspicion has been raised. Students don't stop with just studying MBBS. After completing it they will pursue higher studies. They will be required to attend postgraduate courses in state languages.

So is it right to study medicine in Hindi, Tamil and other languages? A debate has arisen. No one can ignore these ideas.So great care is needed while teaching medicine in Tamil language. Can those who study medicine in Tamil medium acquire medical knowledge at par with those who study medicine in English medium? Can you crack the exam? It is imperative that their medical knowledge is balanced regardless of the medium of study. Accordingly quality medical books should be developed in Tamil. There is no doubt that the Tamil Nadu government will take action only after analyzing all this. The time is not far when the dream of Tamil students becoming a doctor will come true!