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Today Date : Monday, June 24, 2024

Government plans to build Freedom Fighter Pollan Memorial at two places

Government plans to build Freedom Fighter Pollan Memorial at two places

The government is planning to build freedom fighter memorial pillar and memorial hall, Arunthathiyar Youth Council President and Pollan History Recovery Committee President Vadivel Raman said.

 He said Maveeran Pollan, who became a military commander of first martyr of Kongu Region Theeran Chinnamalai, used to share the secrets of the British government to Theeran from time to time.

It helped him to defeat the British in three battles. Knowing this, the British hanged Pollan about 247 years ago at Nallamanga Palayam next to Arachalur. 

His memorial day and birth day event was held at the community hall in Modakurichi for the past 3 years as per the court order obtained by his peravai.As a way of honoring the martyrs of the freedom struggle, the government has constructed a manimandapams for Velunachiyar, Quili,Theeran Chinnamalai, Veerpandia Kattabomman, Poolithevan, Ondiveeran, etc. 

Every year on the birthday or memorial day of the leaders, people come to the place to pay their respects to the late leaders. So, the peravai demanded a manimandapam for Pollan  at Nallamangapalayam. 

During his election campaign, the CM  made a promise about it and after assuming office, he issued a government order allocating Rs 1.82 crore to build a memorial for Pollan. 

Accordingly, a few days back, Housing Minister S Muthusamy and Information Minister MP Saminathan visited Nallamangapalayam and nearby Jayaramapuram,  where he lived, to inspect suitable sites for construction of memorial pillar and memorial adangam in 2 places as the government took a policy decision in not constructing Mani Mandapams. 

We request the Chief Minister to speed up the construction of memorial pillar and memorial arangam in the 2 places, he said.