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Today Date : Sunday, May 19, 2024

Govt seeks EC's permission to  hike free power supply to weavers

Govt seeks EC's permission to hike free power supply to weavers

Electricity Minister Senthil Balaji said that the Tamil Nadu government has applied to the Election Commission to issue a GO ti hike the free power supply from 200 to 300 units for handlooms and 750 to 1000 units to powerloom weavers as per the DMK's poll manifesto.  When he  campaigned at Veerappan Chatram, ​​Erode yesterday, he said:  election code of conduct is enforced for Erode East by-election. 

So, the government has sought permission to the Central Election Commission to issue an order to hike free electricity to weavers.  After the election, free electricity will be increased throughout Tamil Nadu. 
When AIADMK came to power in 2011, the power tariff  was hiked by around 180%. AIADMK did  not talk about it. Now, only 30 percent hike is made. In cities like Chennai, apartments have swimming pools, theaters, etc. 

That's why a separate commercial electricity tariff has been fixed for common utility service. During the AIADMK rule, the TNEB  had a debt burden of Rs 1.5 lakh crores. So,the tariff has been increased to save it. The AIADMK rule claimed the state attained power surplus status. But not even a single megawatt was produced. In 2006-11 DMK rule envisaged North Chennai 3 power generation unit. But, the AIADMK rule did not bring such unit.

The power generation in Tamil Nadu increased only because of the schemes put in place by Kalaignar's government. The AIADMK government procured electricity from the private sector at high cost. If there is surplus power, why AIADMK did not provide free electricity to the farmers who were waiting for the last 20 years. 

Now, we provided free electricity connection to 1.5 lakh farmers.The TNEB got loan at high interest rate from central  Power Finance Corporation.   We have reduced that interest. Power loss in power supply is 17 percent. We have reduced it by 0.7 percent last year. Even if we reduce it by one percent, we can save Rs 560 crore. Under the AIADMK rule, basic infrastructure in power distribution was not improved. But a fortnight before the Assembly poll, it announced 24-hour three-phase power supply to the farmers. Now, we installed 26,000 new transformers. Consumers will soon be able to know their electricity bill through smart meters.


All consumers, from farmers to households, will be fitted with smart meters shortly. The AIADMK regime did not take any action for this.  A complaint has been made to the DVAC regarding the disappearance of multi-crore worth coal from power plants during the AIADMK regime. The investigation report is expected. I am ready to have a public debate with the former Power Minister Thangamani about the mistakes made in the AIADMK regime. Is he ready?. February 15 is the last date to link Aadhar No with EB tariff No.  It will not be extended further.

The connection will not cancel the 100 units of free electricity provided to households.  The current power generation capacity of Tamil Nadu is 32,000 MW. We are planning to increase it to 64,000 during the next ten years and have started the work to achieve the target. AIADMK staged stir against power tariff hike. Why it didn't protest against the Central government regarding the rise in the price of gas, petrol, diesel, and yarn.

The EPS team says that the OPS team is DMK's B team. It is not true. But EPS team is the B team of BJP. Even if the AIADMK unites and gets the 2 leaves symbol, the DMK will win in the election. During the last Assembly and local body elections, the AIADMK contested on 2 leaves symbol, but could not win. 
The same situation will happen now, he said. During the interview, DMK Zonal Secretary VC Natarasan and State President of Handloom weavers wing SLTP Satchithanandam and many others attended.