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Today Date : Sunday, April 14, 2024

Govt urged to hold  talks with Ryots Councils

Govt urged to hold talks with Ryots Councils

Keezhbhavani farmers M8A irrigation council president S Babu, secretary  Murugesan and treasurer Harimurthy appealed to the government to hold talks with the leaders of 44 irrigation councils in the Lower Bhavani Project (LBP) in Erode, Tirupur and Karur districts to carry out the long pending Rs 701cr  LBP main canal modernization project without delay. 

At the council meeting held here on Sunday, they said that after a great study the previous DMK and AIADMK governments sanctioned the project and the present DMK rule initiated the project work including strengthening of damaged bunds, concretisation of surface in some spots,  reconstruction of damaged sluizes, bridges and culverts etc.  But, unfortunately, the non ayacut ryots, who were using the seepage water and pumping water of the canal by using several HP motors illegally, opposed the project on the ground of that the project would hit seepages of the canal and ground water level. There was no truth in their stand that the project would check seepages and ground water level as the water released in the canal would reach the farm lands only.

Above all, the ayacut ryots only bore the entire cost of construction of the LBP canal and dam. Similarly, there was no truth on their stand that 4 lakh trees on the canal would be removed. So,  the national green tribunal also  did not stay the project work but it only sought the views of the government on the issue.  Now, by curtailing the water supply days in the Vengampur branch canal alone, water supply was being managed in Chennasamuthram canal. Even then,  the tail end areas of the LBP canal were not getting adequate water. So,  the project is must to help ryots of tail end areas.

Hence, the government should ignore the views of non ayacut ryots and carry out the project without delay. But unfortunately the local ministers held talks with them only again and again without considering our views. If the ayacut ryots demand is not met, the ryots would approach the court to get justice,  they pleaded.