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Today Date : Monday, April 15, 2024

Govt urged to reduce yarn price

Govt urged to reduce yarn price

Former electricity minister and Kumarapalayam MLA P Thangamani appealed to the government to take steps to reduce the price of yarn to protect textile sector which was in deep crisis due to steep rise in yarn price.
In his speech in the Assembly, he urged the government to hike free power supply for powerloom sector from 750 units to 1000 units as assured in its poll promise to help the sector to some extent.
He said the present power minister spoke about coal shortage and reduction of Central supply of power by 796 megawatt to the state when the special call attention motion was moved by opposition on power cut in various parts of the state. 

He said during the AIADMK rule 1.10 cr tons of coal was supplied to the state by the Centre. But now it was hiked to 1.72 cr tons. So, the Centre was giving more coal to the state now compared to the supply made during the past 10 years. In fact,  the Centre was supplying coal according to the need of people and state. 
He said normally power need would be high during peak summer season-March to May.

 Expecting it,  the government should take steps in advance to buy 1000 to 2000 mw from private parties  by signing short term contracts. The other step should be stopping the production in thermal  power plants to store coal to produce power during peak season when the power production was high from wind mills or otherwise, the state should hold talk with the Centre in advance to get more coal to meet power needs during peak season. That's why,  he spoke about administration lapse that caused the present problem. 

To meet the power needs during peak season (March-May), the agreement should be made in advance to buy power at less cost. It would reduce the loss of TNEB also,  he felt. 

Citing the water level of 100 ft for many months in Mettur dam,  he wanted release of  water for 15 days in the Mettur right and left bank canals for meeting the drinking water needs of people and cattle in Erode, Salem and Namakkal districts.