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Today Date : Monday, May 27, 2024

Gulf Oil installs AdBlue dispenser

Gulf Oil installs AdBlue dispenser

Gulf Oil Lubricants India Ltd., a Hinduja Group company, installed AdBlue dispensers for the trucker community at Sankagiri, in association with Sankagiri Lorry Owners Association. 

This is one of many steps taken by Gulf in improving the supply network of AdBlue across India. These dispensers will be strategically located to solve the existing issue of AdBlue availability faced by diesel engine commercial vehicle owners post BS-4 guidelines. 

Talking about the association, Ravi Chawla, MD & CEO, Gulf Oil Lubricants India Ltd said,  “We observe a significant upsurge in demand for Diesel Exhaust Fluids (DEF) in the Indian market. 

Gulf’s AdBlue EcoPro is superior in quality and ensures that the trucker does not have to worry about maintenance of the vehicle’s SCR system. The new supply model of refill-run, dispensing system, remote monitoring etc will further support many large fleet owners and transport nagars.

Our dispensers have a built in quality check thus ensuring highest quality standards.” Sankagiri Lorry Owners Association President Kandasamy N, and Secretary Mohan Kumar were present.