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Today Date : Friday, June 21, 2024

Gutka Scam:Right course of action!

Gutka Scam:Right course of action!

CBI has decided to register a case against two ex-ministers in Rs 39.9 crore gutka scam which is welcome.It is the right course of action.Manufacture and sales of tobacco based intoxicants like Gutkha, pan masala  has been banned in Tamil Nadu since May 2013. 

However Gutka  and other tobacco based products were being sold in many parts of Tamil Nadu despite the ban. Complaints were received about the sale of such narcotics.  This was followed by Tax officials raids in the year 2016 in houses and godowns of Gutka manufacturers in  Chennai

Various incriminating documents were seized. In the raid conducted in Red hills Income Tax officials seized a diary which gave a shocking account of the Gutka scandal. There was quite a lot of information.
payment of bribe to the police and higher government officials and AIADMK Ministers every month for Gutkha and pan masala came to light. A lot of information were trapped. A total of 12 names were mentioned in that diary Rs 39,91,00,000 bribe was paid to them according to the diary notes.  The CBI has now decided to file a case against them. This is a welcome action!