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Today Date : Friday, May 24, 2024

Hanuman River Protection yathra on May 8

Hanuman River Protection yathra on May 8

The Olirum Erode Foundation and the All Bharatiya Sanyasigal Sangam will hold the Hanuman River Protection awareness yathra on May 8, said the sangam administrator Sri Sadananda Swamy.  He told reporters: The Hanuman River, also known as Kurangan Odai, flows for about 35 km from Devanam Palayam to Kodumudi Venkampur in the Modakkurichi block and confluences the Cauvery.  Industrial sewage is being mixed in it. Many parts of it is encroached and bushes spread in it. So, the yathra is planned to protect the river. Following this, we will clean the river, plant palm seeds and fruit bearing saplings. TN has nearly 75 rivers but we speak only on 4-5  rivers.

 Many rivers are affected due to various reasons. The sangam has been conducting awareness pilgrimages every year from Kudagu to Poompuhar to conserve Cauvery water since last 2011. Following the Sangam's plea, the PM enforced a scheme to  protect River  Ganga.   The sangam submitted a project to the then union minister Uma Barathi to protect Cauvery river from pollution. 

It was under the consideration of the Centre. We appeal to the Centre to implement the project which includes protection of rivers mixing with Cauvery. Protecting the rivers and water bodies is not only the duty of the government but also people. So,  to insist people's support, the rally is going to be held, he added.  Trust and sangam executives Gandhi, Velmurugan, Ganesan, Shanmugasundar and Senthil Balasubramaniam were present.