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Today Date : Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Hard work is the secret of success:Shiny Wilson

Hard work is the secret of success:Shiny Wilson

Students should take hard work and perseverance to come up in life.Shiny  Wilson, General Manager, Food Corporation of India, Mumbai, said that only then can the success of life be pursued .The 50th Sports Festival of Erode Arts and Science College, Erode was held today.  She said "I participated in the Olympics four times in a row, winning prizes.

I have won more than 80 medals worldwide.  So students can only succeed if they continue to participate in sports, studies and art competitions and work diligently. We went to places like Patiala, Delhi and Bangalore and trained.  We struggled without even having a telecommunication facility when attending international sports competitions.  But now there are plenty of facilities. Synthetic track has been set up for athletic training in many districts of Tamil Nadu. Prize money for athletes has been increased.  Our Chief Minister has also announced an increase of up to Rs 3 crore for Olympic prize winners.  Not only that but the sports infrastructure is booming today .

So you should make good use of this""Her husband and ICF sports officer Wilson Sherien, who won Arjuna Award explained his difficulties in getting swimming training in a pond in his village in Kerala.  If practised  for two weeks, he suffered witj  fever and runny nose for a week .Doctor said you can only survive if you stop swimming.  However I continued to get training diligently. Even after winning the title of National Champion at the age of 14, I continued to practice and received various awards nationally and internationally.  On that day they would give Rs.500 with a Gold Medal .But now with the Gold Medal there is a prize money of Rs.5 lakhs is given.Even in my company I athletes join duty.  But some people, after gettung job, stop playing. 

 This is sad but for me I continued to focus on sports even after I got the job and got the national champion and got married.  Currently young people need to continue training regularly and avoid habits such alcohol cigarette and seeing  cell phone continuously.Only then can I win. I have no bad habits. So even today I can train different players.  Players who currently go for sports practice immediately start picking up their cell phones even if they get a five minute break.  

So we cilkect and keep cell phones during training .Students should study hard and progress in sports or studies and avoid bad habits like cigarette and alcohol, he advised. College trust president KK Balusamy, secretary Rajamanikkam, functionaries Vijayakumar,  Murugesan, Manikkam ,Arunkumar, J Ramachandran Ravichandran, Principal Sankara Subramaniam Director Venkatachalam Director of Physical Education Dhanalakshmi prof Krishnamurthy Tamil Nadu Athletic Association Secretary Govindaraj and many others were present.