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Today Date : Thursday, July 25, 2024

Health Min inaugurates Rs. 4 Crore worth health infrastructure in Salem Dt.

Health Min inaugurates Rs. 4 Crore worth health infrastructure in Salem Dt.

 The Minister of Health and Family Welfare, Ma. Subramanian, unveiled an array of health facilities in Salem District, totaling an estimated cost of Rs. 4 crores on Monday. The openings included 11 buildings spanning various medical infrastructure, emphasizing the government's commitment to public health enhancement. 

Speaking at the inauguration events, Minister Subramanian highlighted the directives of the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister, heralding the launch of upgraded Regional Public Health Laboratory Buildings in Karipatti. “These centers, integrated into the Government Primary Health Center Complex, facilitate 62 types of tests and ensure the efficient recording and monitoring of sample results, providing accessible health insights round the clock” said Ma.Subramanian speaking at the inauguration of these facilities. 

Among the inaugurated buildings were the improved Government Primary Health Centers at Illampillai, Karipatti, and Belur, each constructed at a cost of Rs. 50 lakhs. Additionally, district public health laboratory buildings and several sub-health centers, including those in Kandar Kulamanikkam, Pannapatti, Kotamedu, Kankatti Ala, and Puzhudhikuttai, were opened for public use, collectively amounting to a substantial investment in healthcare infrastructure.

The Minister highlighted two state-level initiatives in Salem district: a government program providing specialized medical services to underprivileged areas, and the "Kidney Saving Serum Medical Program" screening 27.71 lakh people through primary and deputy health stations, demonstrating extensive healthcare outreach.

In this event, District Collector Mr. S. Karmegam, Salem North Assembly Member Mr. R. Rajendran, former minister Mr. T.M. Selvaganapathi, Ayodhyapattinam Panchayat Union Committee President Mrs. Hemalatha Vijayakumar, Government Mohan Kumaramangalam Medical College Dean Dr. R Mani, Deputy Directors (Health Service)Dr.S. Soundammal, Dean.N. Yoganand, and other concerned officers were present.