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Today Date : Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Health Secretary's transfer questioned

Health Secretary's transfer questioned

TMC youth wing state president M Yuvaraja appealed to the government to explain to the people on the real reason behind the sudden transfer of Health Secretary J Radhakrishnan who has done a great service in controlling corona in the state while the 4th wave of corona is said to be surfacing again.

In a release he said ''more than a year after the DMK government came to power, it is not fulfilling its election promises, but, instead, replacing a host of IAS and IPS officers who are unfavorable to it.  In particular, 51 IAS officers were transferred on 12.06.2022 last night.  Radhakrishnan has been transferred from the post of Tamil Nadu Health Secretary to the post of Cooperative and Food Consumer Protection Secretary. 

 Appointed as the Health Secretary of the State of Tamil Nadu in the previous AIADMK regime, he continued as the Health Secretary in the DMK regime.  He earned a good reputation in the public sphere for his excellent work during the Corona epidemic.  He also played a key role in significantly reducing corona infections in Tamil Nadu.  Yet the relocation has come as a huge shock to the public.As the 3rd wave of the corona was nearing its end, the re-infection was slowly increasing. 

 Is this a sign of the 4th wave?  What is the reason for replacing Mr. Radhakrishnan who has been effective in the last few years in an environment where fear has gripped the people over corona. Opposition parties in Tamil Nadu have recently released evidence on allegations of misconduct in the health sector.  Will the perpetrators of corruption be identified because of this?  It seems that the DMK government has taken this swift action due to such charges.   Therefore, the Government of Tamil Nadu should clarify on the issue, he pleaded.