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Today Date : Friday, July 12, 2024

Here's why students should listen to DGP Sylendra Babu

Here's why students should listen to DGP Sylendra Babu

Every teacher teaches students with a hope that each one of them would turn disciplined and become highly educated. However nowadays, law restricts teachers from beating students. It is being feared whether the motivation of teachers is on the decline in making students perform better by taking special care on weak and less bright students. Hesitation in correcting a few student with misconduct is now prevalant among teachers. This has to change atleast to some extent. Teachers have to teach lessons without fear. But it is distressing that there is an increase in students' violence against teachers. Due to a few misbehaving students it is fearful to go to school, say teachers. Is this not shameful? It is indeed a shame for the entire country. 

In the great duty of guiding the students, teachers are in the forefront  than the parents. Can we disrespect them? Have we forgotten the age old saying, " Matha (Mother), Pidha (Father), Guru (Teacher) and Deivam (God) which places the teacher before God? Mr. Sylendra Babu, the Director General of Police (DGP) is a role model for many students. Should not the students listen to him atleast? In the wake of increasing students' conflicts the Tamilnadu DGP  had released a video.  He said that he was responding to the videos (depicting students' voilence) with a heavy heart (citing Barathiyar's famous lines, " Nenju Porukkuthillaiye"). He said, " The parents without adequate income put their chidlren in government schools. Government school students should realise that their parents may not have wealth in your case the government school itself is your wealth. The playground, class room, furniture and teachers are your wealth. I have come up to this level only due to teachers but now a time has come when students raise their hands to attack the teachers. Its intriguing how this situation came about. 

These teachers would teach us mathematics, science, geography, history, computers and so on. They are our biggest assets. Our very resource of our learning. Why shiould you indulge in violence at an age when you should be developing your knoweldge, skill and good attitude? This is like burning our own house. It is like hacking our own head. Can we destroy our own resources? Violence against those who are above God? Please do not repeat this kind of acts. 

The school is a place where you are moulded into a full personalities, skilled persons with thinking power. Much respect has to be given to that place. Teachers should be seen with high respect. Your attitude should change". "Violence in school is against law. Hence please do not repeat this appealed," the DGP to the students in his video. The DGP Sylendra Babu is a honest officer, a great speaker and a literarian. Students should listen to this multifaceted person and act according to his advice. If not it is sure that it will lead to regrets latter in life. If students look forward to a bright future be vigilant, nurture good relations with teachers and fellow students.