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Hill people thank CM for helping their livelihood

Hill people thank CM for helping their livelihood

  The Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu has been implementing various projects since the day he took office.  Further, he said that all the departmental officers should work together to help publi.  His direction helped poor hill people of Thalavadi to get more income by producing and selling broom sticks. 


Collector H Krishnaunni directed the Joint Director, Women's Project, to inspect the resources in the area and submit a report to improve the living standards of the hill people when the 17 members of Ramaranai Women’s Self Help Group sought his help on July 24, 2021 when he visited the Thalamalai area,  Thalavadi.  


Following this, it was found that the hill people living there plucked a kind of wild grass and sold it through middle men at a price of Rs. 20 per kg who sold it at a price of Rs 60.


  On that basis, the SHG have been trained for 3 days to make 3 types of broomsticks. Since then, they  produced 15 to 20 brooms per day and sold them for Rs.750 to Rs.1000 to lead their livelihood.  Women Project  offered Rs.75,000 to the SHG for doing the business. So far, they produced and sold 2657 broomsticks at a cost of Rs 1.17 lakhs. 


The SHG member Geetha, wife of Ramesh, Cafe,Thalamalai Panchayat, who has two children, said ''the SHG was started in 2016 with 15 members.  Job opportunity is much less in the area so that many are poor. Many run family by collecting grass and selling  it.  During the seasons, she used to bring 10 kg grass a day and sell it at Rs.15 to Rs.20 per kg.  With this, she earned only Rs.150 to Rs.200.


 Following a plea to Collector to help improve  our livelihood, Tamil Nadu State Livelihood Movement - Erode Women's Project provided training on how to make broomsticks.  At present, she earns Rs. 80 per kg by making 2 brooms in one kg of grass. She makes 15 to 20 broomsticks a day and earns Rs.600 to Rs.800.  Thus my family income has increased.  I would like to express my gratitude to the CM and Collector for helping her''.


Another member Amutha, wife of Murugesh, of Thalamalai, says  ''I have 3 children.  The CM's vision helps each member to earn upto Rs 600 to 800 per day. We thank the CM for giving great hope to our livelihood through the scheme that  augmented their income.