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Today Date : Saturday, June 22, 2024

Hypertension leading cause of  kidney failure: Nephro Plus study

Hypertension leading cause of kidney failure: Nephro Plus study

According to the study by Nephro Plus, a leading dialysis care brand the prevalence ofhypertension in patients with CKD was highlighting the importance of managing blood pressur at a very early stage.

In a deep-dive into the subject to understand the effects of hypertension in various age groups,sex, and zones of the people from 0 to 60 years, a total of 16,847 dialysis patients werestudied. 
While most studies reveal that globally, a more significant percentage of men havea high blood pressure than women, the Nephro Plus study revealed the rising cases ofhypertension in females in the 21-40 age group indicating that hypertension is a health problemin the younger female population as well. 3 out of 4 patients on dialysis were hypertensive.

Excess weight, lack of exercise or activity, and a diet high in sodium combined with geneticpredisposition place these older women at risk for developing high blood pressure. Dr. Suresh Sankar, Senior Vice President, Clinical Affairs at NephroPlus, said, “Thisstudy provides a national snapshot of the effect of hypertension on dialysis patients in thepopulation across India. Hypertension is easy to detect, preventable, treatable, andinexpensive. Incorporating a healthy lifestyle by including adequate fruits and vegetables andless processed food is necessary.

One should be physically active and perform the exercise atleast 30 minutes five times a week. Say no to smoking and maintain body weight in therecommended range.” added Dr. Sankar