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Today Date : Wednesday, May 22, 2024

I am not leading a peaceful life, says Rajinikanth

I am not leading a peaceful life, says Rajinikanth

“Even though I have acted in many films, it is only ‘Sri Ragavendra’ and ‘Baba’ movies that gave me satisfaction. It is only through the films, people came to know about them,” said actor Rajinikanth. 
Rajinikanth took part in a programme organized by Kriya yoga international, released a translated book on Yogoda Satsangh.  

“Though I am happy that two of my fans have become yogis, I still continue to be an actor.  The caves in the Himalayas are nothing less than heaven. We will feel energetic if we consume the herbs grown in the caves,” he said while speaking at the programme.

 Speaking about the importance of maintaining one’s physical health especially during childhood days, he said that one should be more careful during their old age because it is very difficult for both of us and our family members if we become sick.“Similarly, we have to enhance our knowledge by listening to our parents and teachers. We should read good books. People often worry thinking about their past. But children are not like that.

 We should think about our present to come out of miseries. We should lead a happy life,” he said.  “I have gained money and popularity in my life. But I don’t even have 10% of peace in my life,” he added.