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Today Date : Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Ikodoo launches all New and Improved Buds Z Neo

Ikodoo launches all New and Improved Buds Z Neo

Ikodoo, a dynamic and innovative technology brand, has unveiled its latest offering, the Ikodoo Buds Z Neo, following the successful launches of the Buds One and Buds Z. The new addition to the Ikodoo product line is poised to elevate the audio experience for customers, building upon the company's commitment to meet evolving consumer demands.

The Buds Z Neo  incorporates AI ENC (Artificial Intelligence Environmental Noise Cancellation) technology for superior sound quality and effective noise cancellation, guaranteeing crystal clear audio even in noisy surroundings.

Pavneet Singh, CEO, Ikodoo, expressed the company's enthusiasm, stating, "We are excited to introduce the Ikodoo Buds Z Neo to our customers. This product promises to redefine the audio experience, offering exceptional sound quality, extended performance, and advanced features."

The Ikodoo Buds Z Neo is available in three stylish colors: Black, Green, and White, allowing customers to choose an option that complements their style. With a competitive price of just 2999 rupees, Ikodoo maintains its commitment to providing high-quality audio solutions at an affordable price point.