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Today Date : Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Illam Thedi Kalvi stall in Erode Book Festival lures Kids much

Illam Thedi Kalvi stall in Erode Book Festival lures Kids much

A stall of Illam Thedi Kalvi Scheme of education department in the ongoing Erode Book Festival lure kids much as it has various education kits, made by the vounteers under the scheme to simplify the teaching and learning methology.

Due to corona, the students suffered much without classes for the past two years. So, to teach government school students studying from 1 to 8th in their areas itself for 1 to one and half hours, the scheme was introduced last November and it was extended for another 6 months till November this year. 

According to assistant district project coordinator S Velmurugan and district coordinator K Sivaraman ''in the district, 6501 volunteers were teaching nearly 1.10 lakh kids in their areas itself sincerely and few of their innovative teaching aid materials were displayed in the stall. 

So, the kids and yelders who didn't see such things inspecting it eagerly and getting explanations.''
Says a volunteer V Krithigadevi, qualified in ME Civil, of Anthiyur, ''though the government offers just Rs 1000 as honororium, many teaches kids as a social service and for their mental satisfaction only. 

Most of the volunteers are qualified in UG, PG and above. So, they render quality service with out any expectation. After seeing the progress of students in studies, many school teachers and HMs appreciate us openly'', she added. 

Surya, Rajathi (both qualified in BSc)  and Saratha (BBA) (all are married having children) say ''Each voluteer teaches nearly 20 to 25 kids daily.

 The number swells much in recent days as many parents, who could not arrange tuitions by spending much, sent their wards after seeing the progress of students in learning for the past 9 months under the scheme''. 

''During interview itself, we were told that whether they would work without any pay. We have agreed. So, we have no regret in getting low honororium. Our aim is to help the society to some extent in the midst of our daily work, occupation and family problems.

 In fact, our family members support our service much as most of the kids are belonging to poor families and their parents were not able to teach them. 

Even if the government makes the scheme permanent, we are ready to serve to improve the learning abilities of kids which were hit much due to closure of schools due to corona'', they said.