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Today Date : Saturday, June 22, 2024

'INDIA' alliance common candidates

'INDIA' alliance common candidates

The first meeting of the Coordination Committee and the Election Strategy Committee of the "India" alliance will meet in Delhi today at 4 pm.

The main opposition parties of the country have come together to form the "INDIA" alliance for the Lok Sabha elections. Currently 28 parties have joined this alliance. It is said that many more parties will join this alliance.
"INDIA" alliance has so far held 3 consultation meetings in Patna, Bangalore and Mumbai cities. At the meeting held in Mumbai, the Coordinating Committee of the "INDIA" alliance was formed. The first meeting of this coordination committee is scheduled to be held at 4 pm today at Nationalist Congress President Sharad Pawar's residence in Delhi.

It will discuss the speedy implementation of block sharing negotiations. According to the reports, today's meeting will discuss about fielding a general candidate in more than 400 constituencies contested by the BJP. 

And what is the vision plan of the "INDIA" alliance is to be announced on October 2. A consultation will be held today regarding the main aspects of the scheme.

Meanwhile, it is also said that a joint consultation meeting of the "INDIA" alliance's coordination committee, publicity committee and social media committee may be held on the 22nd. This consultation meeting is also being discussed today.

Thus, the India alliance is carrying out its advance well and gracefully. The BJP did not take it seriously until the first meeting of the opposition parties. BJP has changed its course and is gearing up to meet the elections after realizing that it has a proper competition since naming the alliance as ``INDIA''.
In the recently held by-elections to the assembly constituencies, the "INDIA" alliance has advanced behind the BJP. The common candidate of the "INIDA" alliance won a landslide victory in the Koshi constituency of Uttar Pradesh.

India Alliance hopes that this first victory for a 'common candidate' will reverberate in the 2024 elections as well. The main purpose of today's meeting is to devise a strategy for that.
Will Prime Minister Modi's campaign, which is the election bank of the ruling BJP against the ``INDIA'' alliance, work this time?