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Today Date : Monday, April 15, 2024

Indian Navy's arrows hits Indian fishermen's wounds

Indian Navy's arrows hits Indian fishermen's wounds

The Indian Navy fired at Tamil Nadu fishermen who were catching fish on the Indian border. Mayiladuthurai fisherman Veeravel has been seriously injured. Luckily his life is not in danger. It has been reported that other fishermen were also attacked by the marines with iron rods. This incident has stirred a turmoil in Tamil Nadu. The Navy's explanation that it fired because it went without warning is not acceptable. 

Shooting the fishermen of Tamil Nadu, who are already losing their livelihood due to the brutality of the Sri Lankan Navy, is just adding insult to injury. Fearing that it was a Sri Lankan Navy ship, the fishermen drove the boat without stopping. 

Why did it become necessary to open fire knowing that it was a Tamil Nadu fisherman's boat? The first shot in the air might be a warning. There is no information about doing so. Even though there are many ways to capture the small boat, should the navy have taken such a gun? The firing like capturing an enemy boat was unwarrented action.

It is unacceptable that we are criticizing our own national security forces. Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M.K.Stalin has written an urgent letter to the Prime Minister in this regard.  He has said, ``When the Indian Navy itself engages in such activities, it creates a sense of insecurity and lack of confidence in the Indian fishermen. 

Indian security agencies should issue appropriate instructions to handle Indian fishermen with extreme caution and restraint. Stalin has suggested  that training should be provided for that. What Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M.K.Stalin has said is very correct. Such an incident should not happen again. That is the expectation of Tamil Nadu fishermen!