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Today Date : Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Inquiry on Smart City scheme going on: Minister

Inquiry on Smart City scheme going on: Minister

Housing  Minister S Muthusamy has  informed that an inquiry has been started into the shortcomings of the Erode Smart City project by  retired IAS officer Davidar.  
He distributed Rs 1.5 cr aid under various government schemes to118 beneficiaries at a function held at the Collectorate. Then he told newsmen, the government would take appropriate action after receiving his report.  Various works have already been taken up under the Smart City project and are currently being implemented.

Under the project, even in  small roads, large size sidewalks, are laid .It is very difficult to change a project when it is already going on.That is why there is a drinking water problem in the city .Today itself officials  said that there is a problem in the pumping station  of drinking water.  Erode district is a leader in providing welfare assistance to people.  

The Chief Minister has ordered 85 new projects for the development of Erode district .Therefore, work is underway to construct a new bus stand in the Solar area.  
Steps are being taken to purchase land for the construction of a new bus stand in the Ganiravuthar Kulam area from the private sector. With the approval of the Government, the land will be purchased and the bus stand will be brought there.

The Collector will take appropriate action on the long pending Gobi and Bavani by pass roads. Farmers are divided on the modernization of the Bhavani Sagar Canal in Erode.  
I have tried many times to bring a consensus between them.  They must voluntarily find the appropriate solution. We will continue to make efforts for this.  The Collector will take stern action against those who tap water  illegally before opening the water in the canal.  
A plan has been announced to set up a CET in Erode to treat textile effluents. 
There is plan  to upgrade government schools with private participation.  Many high-ranking officials including MLA Venkatachalam MP Ganesamurthy and Collector Krishnanni were present.