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Today Date : Monday, April 15, 2024

Inspection on implementation of official language held

Inspection on implementation of official language held

An inspection, by Air Headquarter team, on implementation of various official language policies of Govt of India was carried out at Air Force Administrative College (AFAC) Coimbatore on 23 Feb 2023. 

The team comprised of Shri Rajpal Singh Deputy Director (Official Language), Smt Manju Bhashini Junior Translation  Officer, Shri Bikaram Kumar Shaw Junior Translation Officer and official from Headquarters Training Command comprising of Smt D Sarna Assistant Director (Official Language) carried out the inspection.

During their course of visit, the officials visited various faculties and sections of the college and reviewed  the progress on implementation of Official Language policies. The inspecting team complimented the staff for their continued efforts towards the implementation of Official Language in letter and spirit.