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Today Date : Friday, May 24, 2024

Inspector Dismissed: Let the action continue!

Inspector Dismissed: Let the action continue!

Women working in the government sector or private companies are being sexually harassed by their superiors. Action is taken against them yet such incidents continue.
Sexual harassment is defined as touching a female employee, inviting her to have sex, threatening her with authority, using sexual words and showing pornographic images.

To prevent this, Visakha committees have been set up and monitored in government offices and private companies. It is mandatory to set up Visakha Committee in all companies employing more than 10 people. Although Visakha Committees have been set up in various institutions, the extent to which they are effective in practice is a question mark. 

Complaints are also being raised that Visakha committees have been set up in many companies to get approval or hoodwink the government.
Women can be saved from sexual harassment in the workplace only if these committees work without any compromise. It may be recalled that the Madras High Court had already issued an action order saying that no mercy can be shown for sexual harassment of women in workplaces.Yesterday, the police took a step to reinforce the order. Veerakanti, Inspector, Kiranur Police Station Dindigul 

District for sexually harassing a female constable of the same police station.The police have taken this strict action based on the inquiry conducted by the Visakha Committee headed by ATSP Lavanya. 

The crime against Inspector Veerakanti has been confirmed through cell phone conversations, SMS etc. There is no doubt that the continuation of such strict measures will ensure the safety of women in the workplace. Let the dismissal of the researcher without suspension serve as a lesson to those in power who dare to engage in heinous sexual harassment.

Let the dismissal continue!